Our Services Include

  • Emails and Domain Hosting
  • Website Design and Developing
  • Offering Technology Advice with Computers and Cellphones

  • Counter Strike Global Offense Servers (They are being moved to new ownership)
  • Contact Us so We can Help You

    Emails and Domains

    Needing customized emails? Don't break the bank. Ask us for help.

    Web Design and Developing

    We design your websites and help build them the way you want

    Offering Advice

    Are you stuck with technology and not sure what to do? Ask us for help

    Counter Strike Global Offense Servers

    Thank you to everyone for your support, our gaming servers are being moved to a new owner

    About Us - Admin team and The CSGO Team

    Blank's Profile

    Loves community and believes anything is possible. Always wanting to help

    Valyrian's Profile

    Easy going and friendly, will put up a fight if pushed over

    Meh's Profile

    Willing to help and learns a new thing from everyone

    Contact Us

    through a number of different ways

    Most of the csgo group is on Discord